New Bike Purchase & Service
I recently purchased a new 2022 motorcycle at GAHD (Red Deer). The process of purchasing the bike, from discussions with the Sales person through to the transaction of the actual purchase was done in a very professional manner. Their knowledge and patience in dealing with my questions/ comments is evidently something they consider crucial in building good relationships with the client. As a result, my needs/ concerns were effectively dealt with. Parts I wanted added to the purchase were compiled by the Parts dep't and clearly listed in the P.O. Lastly, after I had taken possession of the bike, an unexpected and significant issue was dealt with effectively and quickly by the Service group. This was definitely a team effort and hopefully I haven't missed a team member who contributed in this. Kudos to the entire team!!! (Employee: Bailey Quirico, Cheryl Tanner, Curtis Clark, Dennis Karastas, Garrett Price, Grant Price, Jann Lyons, Jeremy Tapp, Jillian Green , John Nixon, Justin McKinnon , Keith Edel, Ken Wiens )
Bob Paradis
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