Excellent Service
While travelling to Edmonton, I decided to stop in North Red Deer. When my 07 Ultra Glide (120K) security system refused a restart (yes I changed the fob battery), I called Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson. I immediately dropped my phone, braking any communication l had. They rerouted a service vehicle, found me (15 minutes), attempted a start (another battery), loaded and hauled me to their shop, all the while talking with me like old friends. I was offed a demo so I could go buy a new Phone. Before I could complete the paperwork, my bike was started (radio interference???). They refused payment, and sent a calmed down customer safely on his way. To say expectations where exceeded is an understatement. THANK YOU. (Employee: Gord Burwash, Dennis Karastas, Garrett Price)
Hammond Domenichelli
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